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Several factors of fire easily caused by UPS power supply
Because the power supply quality of power grid is sometimes unstable, there will be power failure, voltage mutation, peak, surge and frequency drift and other fault interference factors. Therefore, more than 45% of the load directly powered by the power grid is caused by the power supply. When using UPS power supply, we should pay more attention to safe operation to avoid accidents.
Among them, the causes of the fire of UPS power supply are generally as follows:
1. The virtual connection of the cable joint causes the contact resistance to be too large, and the contact surface will be oxidized seriously after the temperature rises, which will cause the contact resistance to become larger, and eventually cause the electrical ignition or even arcing, which will ignite the nearby combustibles and cause the fire.
2. Short circuit accident occurs in the back-end line, switch or load of UPS power supply, which causes internal fire of UPS or explosion of high-power components.
3. The metal dust in some installation places of UPS power supply is serious. The dust is inhaled into the ups through the cooling fan of ups. When the concentration reaches a certain value, it will cause the internal fire of ups.
4. UPS power supply working environment changes (such as temperature, humidity and other factors) lead to battery failure and fire.
5. The battery shell deformation, electrolyte leakage, insufficient capacity, uneven battery terminal voltage and other problems lead to fire.
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