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AQSIQ China conducts spot check on UPS products and publishes the results
AQSIQ China released the results of the national supervision and random inspection of the quality of UPS products for information technology equipment. Four batches of products did not meet the requirements of the standard, including some famous enterprises.

AQSIQ organized a spot check of 31 batches of UPS products for information technology equipment produced by 31 Enterprises in 4 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government. According to the requirements of gb4943.1-2011 safety of information technology equipment, GB9254-2008 limits and measurement methods for radio disturbance of information technology equipment, gb17625.1-2012 limits for electromagnetic compatibility harmonic current emission (input current of each phase of equipment ≤ 16a), GB / t14715-93 general technical conditions for uninterruptible power supply for information technology equipment and other standards, this spot check is carried out Electrical clearance and creepage distance, contact current and protective conductor current, electrical strength, resistance of grounding conductor and its connection, electrical insulation, heating requirements, protection against electric shock and energy hazard, termination of conductor, rated output power, output voltage, output frequency, waveform distortion, efficiency, overload capacity, standby time, switching 19 items such as time, conduction disturbance, radiation disturbance field strength and harmonic current of power terminals and telecommunication ports were tested.
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