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Eastsun uninterrupted power supply have some advantage

UPS uninterrupted power supply is the key equipment to improve the power grid pollution. The maintenance of Eastsun uninterruptible power supply can enhance its service life and give full play to its greater functions. Founded in 2008, Eastsun has its own brand of UPS, and also focuses on the design, development, production and sales of ups.

1. UPS uninterrupted power supply can supply backup power for various types of electrical equipment, so as to prevent the damage caused by power failure to the local area network. It can also provide protection under surge, harmonic, frequency drift, intermittent waveform and high or low voltage of power supply system.

2. When the mains power is disconnected, you can use your own battery to change the DC power from the inverter circuit to the 220V AC power supply for other equipment, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

3. UPS uninterrupted power supply is a high-tech power supply equipment which integrates power technology, control technology and signal detection and communication technology. It is used in many industries such as electronic computer and network management system, telecommunication / mobile communication and various automatic production lines.

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